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We Provide Landscapers, Nurseries and Home Owners


Harvested and Delivered to your Lot or Landscaping Project Site.

We’ll Ship Anywhere within Maine and New England, USA.

Wild Sods for Sale:

* Blueberry Sod

* Hay-Scented Fern Sod

* Maine Wild Mix Sod

* Wintergreen Sod

* Bunchberry Sod

* Hair Cap Moss Sod

* Sheep Laurel Sod

* Sheep Laurel Mix Sod

* Huckleberry Sod

* Wild Mountain Cranberry Sod


Other Ferns and Mosses and various beautiful Naturally Mixed Sods are available at times. Please inquire if you are interested in one of these and we’ll let you know what is available at the time. 

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We strive to deliver Top Quality Weed-free & Attractive Wild Sods for Landscapers, Nurseries and Homeowners, while keeping our prices competitive or lowest on the wholesale market.

2022 Wholesale Prices:

(Retail Customers Add $1.00 / sq. ft. for all Products)


** Blueberry Sod:  $5.25 / sq. ft.

** Hayscented Fern Sod:  $6.25 / sq. ft.

** Maine Wild Mix Sod: $6.50 / sq. ft.

** Wintergreen Sod: $7.00 / sq. ft.

** Bunchberry Sod: $7.25 / sq. ft.

** Hair-cap Moss Sod:  $7.50 / sq. ft.

** Sheep Laurel Sod:  $7.50 / sq. ft.

** Sheep Laurel Mix Sod: $7.25 / sq. ft.

** Huckleberry / Sheep Laurel Mix Sod: $7.75 sq. ft.

** Wild Mountain Cranberry Sod:  $8.00 / sq. ft.

** Huckleberry Sod:  $8.25 / sq. ft.


 $.25 / sq. ft. discount on all orders over 1000 sq. ft.


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Delivery Prices are dependent on location, quantity and method and whether we deliver with our own trucks & trailers or use larger leased trucks or Semi Trucks with Flatbeds. Deliveries can be hand stacked or on pallets. 


Below are just a few pictures showing our operation. It’s a lot of work and sweat, but we enjoy it! We are a family business.. Our primary crew includes myself, my wife & our 3 teenage kids and a dozen of their friends. We also have some great adult workers working with us.

The picture in the middle is of President George W. Bush and me! I had the privilege of meeting the President and First Lady when I delivered and helped install a load of our Premium Blueberry Sod to decorate the front entrance to the main residence of the Walker’s Point Estate in Kennebunkport, Maine last summer.

(I’m starting to collect photos of some of the many beautiful finished projects that utilized our Wild Sods and will be uploading some of these soon.) 


Please see Links at the bottom of this Page for Pictures and Descriptions of our Wild Sods. (This section is a work in progress. I will be adding more as I have time.)

Please contact us or leave a message on the form below if you have questions, would like a shipping quote, or would like to place an order.

We look forward to adding value to your next landscaping project.. Looking forward to doing business with you!

Mark Apalsch

325 Main St. # 333 Waterville, ME 04901

Phone / Text: 207-460-6469

Email: WildSodsofMaine@gmail.com



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